Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beginning your Adventure

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When you first start of Minecraft the very first thing you will see is a randomly generated landscape. Chances are you'll see something along these lines. This is a guide to quickly set up a base of operations to avoid those horrible days of being unprepared at night. Now, your first action will be to find a small cluster of trees and begin chopping them down. You'll only need to cut down a single small tree because you only need 4-5 blocks of wood to get you started.

Now that you've collected the wood, you'll need to open your inventory by pressing the 'e' key. This will open up your inventory shown above. You'll want to first create planks, and then create 4 sticks. The illustration above shows you how to place the wood, to create planks, to use to create sticks.

The next item you will create will be the most fundamentally important block in the entire game. A workbench, in order to create one, put planks in a 2x2 formation as illustrated above, and simply place down the block by putting it in the bottom row and left clicking where you want to place it. A workbench allows for a 3x3 work space which opens you up to almost every single other possible creation in this game.

The next thing you'll want to do is create a wooden pickax and nothing more, use the crafting formula above to create it. With a pickax you'll be able to mine cobblestone, an essential building tool and the stepping stone into greater things. If you spot coal, which is the blocks with the black strips running through it labeled above then you should mine it up as well.

You should now begin building a base, either create a small cave for yourself, or a hut. One important thing you'll need before I set you off on your journey is torches. Very easy to make, the only thing you need is coal. With that you'll be able to work at night, as well as day and slowly expand your kingdom. Those are the basic survival skills needed to survive your first night at minecraft.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is Minecraft

Minecraft, a world in which you, the player, can create just about anything that you can imagine. Shaping the world as you desire, one block at a time.

You begin your journey with nothing but your hands in this pristine new world, a dense forests shrouds your horizon but even then you can spot mountains in the distance, and lakes of various sizes behind all the foliage. As you begin your search for a habitable zone to set up camp you spot creatures of various sizes, as you continue to explore you realize that there is snow in some regions with massive trees protruding out of the ground. You also spot deserts with dried up shrubs poking out of the sand and cacti littered everywhere, you spot the occasional cave poking out of the side of a hill, your curiousness consumes you to explore it, but you dare not tread it yet.

Spending a good portion of the day, you at last find a decent spot to set up camp. You immediately begin to cut down trees for some it's wood. After cutting down a sufficient amount of wood, you make your way back and begin to craft tools, eventually you will set up a basic house. Night begins to set in...

As you are smashing away at a tree you begin to realize the world is getting dark, you ignore it not aware of the dangerous creatures that crawl the planet at night. It begins with a single moan, you jump and look around, unable to see far. As you turn around to cut the tree you hear it again, this time closer, you decide it'd be best to go back inside, as you turn around to make your way back you see an arrow whirl past your face. In sheer panic you dash back into the safety of your hut, more arrows are flung barely avoiding you as you slam the door behind you and jump behind your workbench as you lay there you hear a loud thud and on your door and another. You peer out behind the workbench slowly, afraid, and see a hideous monstrosity leaning on your door, waiting. You manage to fall asleep.

You awake to the smell of fire, you jolt upright in panic, "Has my house caught fire!" you think to yourself. You look around hurriedly for the source of the flames but realize quickly it is coming from outside. You peer outside your door slowly through the windows and realize that the evil creatures of the night had caught ablaze and within seconds they dropped to the floor, nothing but ash and bone remaine. You now know to hide at night, and work by day.

You begin to grow your arsenal of tools, you want to use something besides wood as a building material...

You begin to dig down for stone. Very quickly you will realize that beneath you lies vast quantities of precious metals besides stone. A mixture of greed and need will bestow upon you, you will search endlessly for those minerals. Your journey into the core of the planet will bring you pain, tragedy, but it will also give you wealth, power, happiness. You will find vast dungeons under the surface, you will get lost occasionally. The rewards are many, the risks many. You will uncover an endless horde of enemies, at that point you will have weapons and armor at hand, you will fight them.

This is Minecraft

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting Started

Nothing but the ethereal world of Minecraft to get someone going. I'll start posting some of my own original content once I settle down and fully customize my blog.